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Is Hillary Clinton A Clinical Psychopath?

Is Hillary Clinton A Clinical Psychopath, Sociopath or At Least is She Capable of Murder?

I don’t know. You decide. Check out the following videos below in my brilliant playlist Psychology.




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How To Change The World

How Does One Really Change The World?

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Are you stupid? Because the answer is simple.

Do you think people care about your tweets, Facebook posts, your Instagram posts or your meme re-blogging/posting? You cannot just change the world, you can change yourself, and after you’ve changed yourself, the world will decide if it wants to listen. As you attempt to change the world, either it will listen, or it will ignore you and tell you to fuck off. Then, of course, you die.

” Hi, my name is Richard S. H. Winklestein, and I’m a professor at Yurgenshack University. I have PhD’s in whocarestics, astrophysics and neuroscience. I’ve written several books, including Why You Should Listen, and I Know How The World Works. I’ve appeared on many television shows, including The Wankenarski Show, Wankenbacher Live, CNN, MSNBC, and Wankenstone TV many times. I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE DON’T JUST AGREE WITH ME! “

 — Richard S. H. Winklestein

Am I saying that you can never change the world? No. I’m saying that you need many people listening, and in order to make that happen, you’ll have to give them an incentive, unless, of course, you possess the weapons to force them to listen and obey you, in which case this article would be titled ‘How To Be a Dictator.’

” all that matters is that your message is compatible with the listeners’ world views “

After you can get an audience, and you’ve convinced them that they should take you seriously, your message has to at least make sense in their eyes. It doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is or isn’t objective, logical, reasonable or even true; all that matters is that your message is compatible with the listeners’ world views. You’re, in some ways, providing a service to the listeners, and if you fuck up, the chances of them coming back for seconds is obviously diminished.

The overwhelming majority of people in the West believe that if one could only achieve the first step, which is to occupy a supposed ‘influential’ communicative or media platform, that this is all one needs in order to change minds. That somehow new beliefs can be imprinted, via the mere burning exposure of information, onto the conscious and unconscious mind. This common, and simplistic, belief is explained in more detail by something called the Mere Exposure Effect. However, the belief that new learning, brainwashing or subversion is done merely by exposure to information, is what I’ve coined the Mere Exposure Effect Fallacy.

” The Mere Exposure Effect is itself mere conjecture, because it presupposes the existence of poly-linear unconscious thought “

The Mere Exposure Effect is itself mere conjecture, because it presupposes the existence of poly-linear unconscious thought, or Freud’s unconsciousness theories, but without any empirical evidence to support it. I’ve explained why unconscious belief and/or desire contradict what we can demonstrate to be true about human psychology. [see The Mere Exposure Effect in The Godless Glossary]

Ethos and pathos, which I would argue are both inferior to and subsets of logos, are always overused by those attempting to brainwash their audiences with exposure techniques. You can’t have ethos or pathos without logos, but that’s another topic. You must introduce new facts that would work like updates to an audience’s operating system. Talking about your feelings is only one fact: your feelings. Trying to change how other people feel, without having a logical argument or without lying, is a silly challenge that I enjoy seeing some people fail at.

Again, to change minds, you will generally need three things: the platform, the credibility and the arguments which do not contradict the listeners’ own presupposed world views or perspectives.

I have given you the tools. Yet, you’ve almost certainly dismissed much of it already because it contradicts your own world view. But I already knew that would happen.

Thanks for reading God’s Autopsy! Leave your comments below.

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PC Cuckfactory Zazzle Hates Police

Zazzle.com Removes A “Blue Lives Matter” Shirt Design From My Store in Hours

 @GodsAutopsyCom | @GodsAutopsyGear 

I create shirts, stickers, phone cases and various clothing items for men and women through online printing sites like Zazzle and Redbubble. God’s Autopsy Gear is gear for the godless, the logical, the reasonable, the science enthusiasts, secularists, humanists, socialists, the LGBT community and even libertarians. But, when it comes to which website is better at accepting new products, Redbubble.com is superior to Zazzle.com, and Zazzle is quite jumpy, or rather, the site doesn’t allow for much creative freedom. I couldn’t even upload an original cartoon, or Adobe Illustrator created, design featuring Richard Dawkins without Zazzle deleting the design simply because the cartoon depicted the face of a famous person (again, it was a cartoon, not a photograph).

see: Richard Dawkins – W.W.R.D.D.?” design
see: Respective “Blue Lives Matter” design still in tact at RedBubble

The people at Zazzle.com have proven themselves to be professional Cuckballers, playing a game called political correctness.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think those at Zazzle don’t care about the lives of hard working police. Well, at least that’s the message you send when you automatically delete my “Blue Lives Matter” T-Shirt! It turns out that Zazzle will accept “Police Lives Matter” or “Cop’s Lives Matter“, but that actually makes the situation worse because apparently, supporters of Black Lives Matter have made the use of any color besides “black” in a ‘___ Lives Matter’ statement, a hashtag or movement to be somehow racist and offensive. Go figure.

Zazzle‘s email says someone claimed infringement for the plain letters “Blue Lives Matter” (in less than 12 hours)! Bullshit! I will not be challenging Zazzle on this particular matter, because Redbubble doesn’t play in this league of Cuckball, and I’d much rather spend my energy tending to the store at Redbubble, instead of waiting for Zazzle to remove my innocent designs.

Fuck the Cuckfactory that is Zazzle.com !


Zazzle.com email banning or deleting my “Blue Lives Matter” t-Shirt from my store

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Bernie Sanders Wants to Legalize Weed

Videos Recently Added to the Playlist God’s Autopsy T.V.


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Blacks and Atheism


  eric-ga – by @GodsAutopsyCom last updated 5/29/2015

I’ll concede that I don’t really know why most black Americans are still so religious, but I have a good idea. I can’t read minds, but speaking from experience, I had personally remained a theist for most of my life because of a lack of education in science and philosophy in school. Without a scientific explanation for the creation of the Universe, children will certainly fill in the gaps, carrying religious myths into adulthood as if they were undisputed facts.

Many African-Americans, along with a large percentage of the country, are science illiterate.

Nearly half of Americans, at 42%, don’t believe in evolution (gallup 2014). The Big Bang, dark matter and being cousins with fish are unimaginable absurdities to a fundamentalist, and most black Christians certainly are fundamentalists (or Biblical creationists). I don’t think we can credit tradition, the civil rights movement, cultural pressures or political influences. I think it’s because of science illiteracy. Science and philosophy are not respected, virtually all of life’s vital quandaries go ‘in God’s hands’. There’s an overused expression, ‘let go, and let God’, which is perfectly counterproductive.

The Bible is a first addition science textbook in the homes of many Christians, including the majority of African-American homes. I was raised in black communities and know firsthand the impact religion has on black people’s lives. Religion isn’t merely a source for comfort or spirituality, it’s life’s instruction manual.

Most children in public schools, especially those in the inner city, don’t get a proper exposure to the kind of science that will challenge biblical creation myths. If the majority of black people in America are biblical literalists, then the majority of black teachers could be as well. What happens when teachers don’t believe in Big Bang cosmology, ‘old-Earth’ geology or Darwinian evolution? Can you expect them to objectively teach such subjects to students, subjects they may not respect, understand or may find harmful to faith? If you reject theories that are true, it’s likely you never understood them in the first place.

One of my HS biology teachers told the class that evolution means our bodies may keep getting weaker and smaller, while our brains and eyes keep getting bigger, hence the typical big-headed aliens we’ve seen in the media. I think he may have really believed this theory, but that was the extent of his evolutionary lectures, including the extent of my HS evolutionary education.  Although we were taught that humans migrated out of Africa in grade school, I’m sure most of us thought the migrators were Noah’s descendants. This was before everyone had the internet. I think I may have learned more about science from movies and TV than I ever did in school.

Myth is probably the greatest oppressor to blacks in the U.S.

Many black atheists have deconverted from creationism through college or the internet, but to actually cripple the current zeitgeist, science teachers in black schools need to be objective and secular. If they are devout creationists, that’s not going to happen. An ideal atheist group supports exposing children to the science that they may not be getting at school, while of course teaching children how to think, not what to think. With 42% of Americans rejecting evolution, theist teachers have either been winning, or objective teachers have been losing.

It’s time to take the wheel from black religious ‘leaders’, they’ve had their chance, and they aren’t really helping the community. Fiction artists such as Al Sharpton are only pacifying the myth of disenfranchisement and white supremacy in America. Blind faith in fairy tales is the biggest oppressor to our nation as a whole.

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