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Is Your Beach Body Dangerous?

Is Your Beach Body a Harmful, Triggering or Otherwise Dangerous Symbol of Oppression Toward Women of Various Sizes in the U.K. and the U.S.?

In case you haven’t heard, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has banned this “offensive” or “misogynistic” ad. Another side effect of the fear of exposure to the “wrong” narrative disease. See Exposure Fallacy.

this post is very late, but, it was in my drafts, so here you go

Asking the question ‘is your beach body ready?’, is just like asking the question, ‘are you ready to show off your hard work?’. However, some have viewed this ad as being an attack on the malleable, vulnerable mind. Minds that can’t tell the difference between an ad, and real life; minds that can’t tell the difference between beauty standards for mainstream advertising and beauty standards for actual cultures and societies. I’ve got a question for you: who the hell and where the hell are these programmable humans?

Mere-Exposure Effect Fallacy

I have written about the fact that people actually do know what they think and why they think it, and they do not hold contradictory beliefs about any given subject. Go figure! This only seems counter-intuitive because the average person is terrible at articulating what it is they believe and why. Others, many of whom would like to think of themselves as the intelligentsia, are terrible at the Socratic method.

Third Wave Feminism is largely about telling people what to think, because the feminist actually thinks he/she has the power to do so

The Single Perspective

In terms of peoples’ world views, how people learn and how they change their minds, I have called my model on the neural physiological nature of our world views as the Single Perspective Hypothesis, namely, you hold one single cosmic perspective as opposed to two or more conflicting cosmic perspectives or understandings of nature.

Try speaking for yourself more often, and try ignoring the ads you don’t like. Some of us go to the beach for the beach itself, some of us go to the beach to show off, some for other things. If you’re the former, you should ignore this ad. Violent video games don’t make murderers, and ads aren’t to blame for bulimia.

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Third Wave Feminism is largely about telling people what to think, because the feminist actually thinks he/she has the power to do so. Also because they believe the patriarchy has had, and does have the power to control the public mind. As I’ve said in the last post, and we can reasonably induce, that they’re thinking, ‘How could anyone possibly disagree with me?! The only way it’s possible is if their minds have been warped by propaganda!’ This would explain why most feminists aren’t as interested in debating as they are with trying to control the media, shutting down free speech, banning things, blocking people they disagree with and otherwise attempting to control the narrative. Because they don’t need to question whether they’re right or wrong, to empirically verify all their arguments, to stop calling everything and everyone ‘sexist’, they just know they’re right, and now it’s time to destroy the opposition. That’s why they fight dirty.

If you’re not interested in or trying to understand the positions or perspectives of those you disagree with, then you’re no skeptic.




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National Day of Reason

Support Making the National Day of Reason Federally Recognized Just Like the National Day of Prayer Already Is. Let’s Even the Playing Field and Work to Make Church and State Separate.

Today, the first Thursday of May, 2016, is the National Day of Reason. The National Day of Reason is a response to the National Day of Prayer which also occurs on the first Thursday of May of each year.

The National Day of Prayer is a clear violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as it uses our tax dollars to provide time and space for religious ceremonies. The National Day of Prayer is a federal endorsement of god(s), prayer and belief, and it places particular faiths over non-belief. Our nation is simply governed as a theocracy so long as these particular religious views continue to get special attention and federal funding.

The National Day of Reason website is co-sponsored by the American Humanist Association and the Washington Area Secular Humanists.

I Have Just Signed The Petition:

The National Day of Reason Petition to President Obama:

Mr. President,

America has undergone many important changes in the past five years since you were first elected to the Presidency. We have seen our health care system reformed and the recovery of an economy badly affected by recession. However, our nation still faces many problems, such as ending the war in Afghanistan and securing equal rights for all citizens regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. While the seriousness of these problems may inspire many to pray for a solution, we believe the way America will solve these issues is through the application of reason.

The National Day of Reason, recognized by millions of people across America since 2003, celebrates reason and the positive impacts it has on humanity. We believe rational discourse has the power to solve even the most challenging problems while cultivating intelligent, moral, and ethical interactions among people of varying backgrounds and beliefs.

Every year, events are held on the National Day of Reason that demonstrate the desire of secular Americans to help our fellow citizens and our nation as a whole. Community service events, such as food drives and group blood donations, are just some of the ways that we work to help those in need. As our movement grows and Americans become more willing to use reason to solve problems, our ability to help those in need will grow.

Mr. President, you can support us in our efforts by promoting the idea that any individual can do good works without a belief in a deity. We therefore respectfully ask that you issue a proclamation recognizing the National Day of Reason on May 5th, 2016 in order to promote the importance of reason and to give secular Americans the same sort of governmental recognition that religious Americans receive on the National Day of Prayer. Regardless of our religious beliefs or lack thereof, we are all Americans.

click here to sign the petition: http://nationaldayofreason.org/2014/sign-the-petition/


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