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tweet, email, Facebook or Tumblr me your #GodsAutopsyGear (@GodsAutopsyGear) if you want me to share with you the secrets to creating the perfect Miracle Toast designs in PhotoShop 


Christopher Hitchens Miracle Toast #ToastedGA

Coming soon to the God’s Autopsy Gear store’s Miracle Toast collection are Dusty Smith, Julian Assange, Gad Saad, Tommy Robinson and Maajid Nawaz. Send me pictures of your stickers, shirts, phone cases, laptop covers, dresses etc, of God’s Autopsy Gear or post it on social media and I will do my best to get back to everyone who wants tips on making your own designs with Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. Support the hard work my brother and I do for the secular community by spreading the word about our store. |



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