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‘2 Broke Girls’ Mocking Religion: Baptism Like Waterboarding – Coroner’s Report


Was looking up ‘baptism’ and came across this story (click to read)


Looks like Baptists are triggered. And it looks like I need to check out this episode of ‘2 Broke Girls’. Having been brought up a fundamentalist Baptist, and having been baptized myself, I can tell you, it was mildly traumatic. Looking forward to finding and watching this episode.

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CNN is Racist and Anti-Christian

Black Man Accuses CNN of Religious and Racial Bigotry. His Colleagues Wouldn’t Stop Saying Offensive Phrases Like ‘Jesus Christ’. Jesus Christ..


Omar Butcher

According to the, Omar Butcher, an African-American producer with CNN was fired in 2015, and is now suing for racial and religious discrimination.

Butcher is suing because his colleagues would not quit using phrases like ‘Jesus Christ‘ and ‘God Damn.‘ He had asked them not to ‘take the Lord’s name in vain.’


I refuse to waste my time by reading the entire article, instead, I’ll just give my verdict based simply upon the headline and sub-headlines of Daily Mail! Butcher’s got cold meat for brains. He’s an SJW and perhaps a religious fascist.

Do you agree with this Coroner’s Report? Got something to add? Leave a comment below.

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Must See Places In ParisMust See Places In Paris

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Man of God

photo above is of AJ Miller, a man who claims to be the actual Jesus. Photo from Vice


Let’s please fucking stop equating “men of God” to “good men”. How about “man of integrity” or “man of science”? ISIS, the Vatican, etc, are occupied by men of God. Give me the name of the world’s best well-known man/woman of God, and I’ll show you an asshole.

In the comments below, list your best known candidate for a man/woman of God. “Known” does not mean your dad or your mom.




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What Christians Really Mean Vol 002


vol 2

“The 5-second rule.”

what they usually mean: “It takes the Devil about 5 seconds to contaminate your food once it’s hit the floor”

view the What Christians Really Mean archive

#WhatChristiansReallyMean #GodsAutopsy #ChallengeFaith 

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Are You a Tolerant Or Anti-Theist Atheist

Being an anti-theist simply means you think the world would be better off sans religious belief. I believe all religion to be harmful if believed, yet I can still bring myself to appreciate the world’s religions as sources of mythical fantasy and literature.


Multiple Choice

How do you feel about calling a small child religious? Example: Saying, "My Muslim / Catholic / Mormon child" is...

The likes of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are…

Is Islam a religion of peace?

“In God We Trust” on U.S. currency is…

Would you rather your doctor accept evolution?

How important is it to come out as an atheist in today’s society?

If a religious child asks you questions about science/atheism you…

Education in science and philosophy often lead to agnosticism and/or atheism.

Everyone should be left alone to believe what they want to believe.

Fundamentalists are…

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Duggar Interviews

This post will be my first Coroner’s ReportThe Coroner’s Report will be my first-thoughts on news and events.

eric-ga – by @GodsAutopsyCom 

Megyn Kelly – Full interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar Megyn Kelly Full Interview

Before posting this Coroner’s Report, I’d already watched the two interviews and noticed the Duggar sisters Jill and Jessa think 2/3rd’s families go through similar incidents of, I’m guessing, family or brother/sister molestation. I’ll have to look up some statistics because this doesn’t sound realistic at all. I searched a handful of websites on the matter, and it was very hard to find any evidence suggesting the 2/3rd’s statistic is true.

The Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute has this to say about the definition of a child molester:

A child molester is any older child or adult who touches a child for his or her own sexual gratification.

Child molestation is the act of sexually touching a child.

A child is a girl or boy who is 13 years of age or younger.

What’s the age difference between a molester and a child? It is five years, so a 14-year-old “older child” sexually touching a nine-year-old is an example. This is the accepted medical definition.“[]

It’s like the sisters want to minimize the severity of the issue by saying that it’s common.  If child incest molestation were that common I would be mortified. Why are they so horrified that their privacy was violated if they think America has this problem? They should be taking the opportunity, as figures in the media, to help fight and prevent such abuse. Instead, they’re crying about what got leaked, as if that’s a worse crime than child abuse.

The deranged mentality of the pious, is to focus on biblical teachings like forgiveness, even in the face of heinous acts, one must convince themselves that they can forgive everyone for anything. If Jesus were an actual person, he was a monster. He taught that the dismissal of an invisible tyrant was unforgivable, but rape and murder could always be forgiven. That the rejection of God was worth spending an eternity in the worst torture one could possibly imagine. If death isn’t good enough, then torture is revenge, and that revenge is only for disobedience.

I think the Duggar family was so preoccupied with making sure they forgave their son, that they risked their other children’s safety in order to adhere to their Christian values. However, I want to be clear, this is a horrendous situation for any parent or family to have to go through, and it seems like they did the best they could with the values and resources they had to work with. But Christian values and organizations are terrible moral and institutional resources to turn to. Christian morals and values are disgusting in so many areas.



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Blacks and Atheism


  eric-ga – by @GodsAutopsyCom last updated 5/29/2015

I’ll concede that I don’t really know why most black Americans are still so religious, but I have a good idea. I can’t read minds, but speaking from experience, I had personally remained a theist for most of my life because of a lack of education in science and philosophy in school. Without a scientific explanation for the creation of the Universe, children will certainly fill in the gaps, carrying religious myths into adulthood as if they were undisputed facts.

Many African-Americans, along with a large percentage of the country, are science illiterate.

Nearly half of Americans, at 42%, don’t believe in evolution (gallup 2014). The Big Bang, dark matter and being cousins with fish are unimaginable absurdities to a fundamentalist, and most black Christians certainly are fundamentalists (or Biblical creationists). I don’t think we can credit tradition, the civil rights movement, cultural pressures or political influences. I think it’s because of science illiteracy. Science and philosophy are not respected, virtually all of life’s vital quandaries go ‘in God’s hands’. There’s an overused expression, ‘let go, and let God’, which is perfectly counterproductive.

The Bible is a first addition science textbook in the homes of many Christians, including the majority of African-American homes. I was raised in black communities and know firsthand the impact religion has on black people’s lives. Religion isn’t merely a source for comfort or spirituality, it’s life’s instruction manual.

Most children in public schools, especially those in the inner city, don’t get a proper exposure to the kind of science that will challenge biblical creation myths. If the majority of black people in America are biblical literalists, then the majority of black teachers could be as well. What happens when teachers don’t believe in Big Bang cosmology, ‘old-Earth’ geology or Darwinian evolution? Can you expect them to objectively teach such subjects to students, subjects they may not respect, understand or may find harmful to faith? If you reject theories that are true, it’s likely you never understood them in the first place.

One of my HS biology teachers told the class that evolution means our bodies may keep getting weaker and smaller, while our brains and eyes keep getting bigger, hence the typical big-headed aliens we’ve seen in the media. I think he may have really believed this theory, but that was the extent of his evolutionary lectures, including the extent of my HS evolutionary education.  Although we were taught that humans migrated out of Africa in grade school, I’m sure most of us thought the migrators were Noah’s descendants. This was before everyone had the internet. I think I may have learned more about science from movies and TV than I ever did in school.

Myth is probably the greatest oppressor to blacks in the U.S.

Many black atheists have deconverted from creationism through college or the internet, but to actually cripple the current zeitgeist, science teachers in black schools need to be objective and secular. If they are devout creationists, that’s not going to happen. An ideal atheist group supports exposing children to the science that they may not be getting at school, while of course teaching children how to think, not what to think. With 42% of Americans rejecting evolution, theist teachers have either been winning, or objective teachers have been losing.

It’s time to take the wheel from black religious ‘leaders’, they’ve had their chance, and they aren’t really helping the community. Fiction artists such as Al Sharpton are only pacifying the myth of disenfranchisement and white supremacy in America. Blind faith in fairy tales is the biggest oppressor to our nation as a whole.

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FB- Pollution from Microbeads in Soaps

On Friday, the state’s Assembly passed a bill that could become the strictest ban in the country on the particles, which can carry pollutants into the food chain.
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God-Given Free Will Debunked

Free will as endowed by an omnipotent being is illogical. However, monotheists like Christians and Muslims don’t fully understand logic, so they continue to argue that free will justifies the unfairness and suffering we find in our world.

 – by @GodsAutopsyCom

 God, free will and power…

If your god has ‘all power’ and/or ‘omnipotence’, it is therefore logically impossible for it to give away any of that power and remain omnipotent. To the best of my understanding, an omnipotent god cannot share a reality with other potent beings (beings who can choose freely). Omniscience is also a subset of omnipotence, as the power to do all things contains the power to know all things.

Can you ever do a thing that God doesn’t allow?

If a sentient being can make a decision independent of his creator, then the being is, by definition, somewhat autonomous. If a being can really be autonomous, then he can possibly surprise or otherwise disrupt the plans or will of his master. If God can do absolutely anything, then he cannot possibly be surprised, interrupted, overpowered or otherwise made to do anything he doesn’t want to do. So the idea that a god could dislike or fight evil (or fight anything) is impossible. All events in the universe must therefore be part of or subject to the omnipotent creator’s will and wishes. Every rape, every murder, every stoning and every disease are all part of his plan, all approved by and enjoyed by the god who cannot be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do. If there is an omnipotent god, then every evil act is just God doing evil to himself for personal amusement.

Monotheist v.s. an Atheist:

Monotheist: But God loved us so much that he suffers for us, he willingly suffers

Atheist: Why would god suffer for human pain and disease if he could bypass mortality and create man in paradise?

Monotheist: Because he wants to give us free will to choose violence and evil for ourselves.

Atheist: He knows what we will choose, therefore he could stop us anytime. If God knows the script, it’s as if he wrote it, we can’t deviate from it, therefore our actions are not our own, we would be puppets.

Monotheist: No, because God gives us the choice to choose him on our own, and then let’s us into heaven because of that choice.

Atheist: But, I don’t believe in him, so how can I choose?

Monotheist: Everybody believes in him! / You’re in denial! / You’ll get the chance to choose after you’re dead! / Just use Pascal’s  wager!

Atheist: I can’t actually live by Pascal’s wager if I don’t believe in it.

Monotheist: Yes, you can, you have no choice, don’t gamble. You’ll be sorry if you take the chance. After all, if you reject God, he will punish you for eternity.

Atheist: I must choose option 1: worship God for eternity, or option 2: suffer for eternity. I’m incapable of choosing option 2 because the perfect torture for eternity is in fact perfectly horrible. Lesser torture would be to worship a God I don’t respect. Both are torture! Option 1 is impossible to turn down. Looks like there’s no free will after all.

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logic and reason are harmful to faith