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Are You a Tolerant Or Anti-Theist Atheist

Being an anti-theist simply means you think the world would be better off sans religious belief. I believe all religion to be harmful if believed, yet I can still bring myself to appreciate the world’s religions as sources of mythical fantasy and literature.


Multiple Choice

How do you feel about calling a small child religious? Example: Saying, "My Muslim / Catholic / Mormon child" is...

The likes of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are…

Is Islam a religion of peace?

“In God We Trust” on U.S. currency is…

Would you rather your doctor accept evolution?

How important is it to come out as an atheist in today’s society?

If a religious child asks you questions about science/atheism you…

Education in science and philosophy often lead to agnosticism and/or atheism.

Everyone should be left alone to believe what they want to believe.

Fundamentalists are…

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Christopher Hitchens Miracle Toast by God’s Autopsy

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logic and reason are harmful to faith