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Researchers: Humans Left Africa Earlier

Researchers have identified the remains of the earliest known modern humans to have left Africa.

New dating of fossils from Israel indicates that our species (Homo sapiens) lived outside Africa around 185,000 years ago, some 80,000 years earlier than the previous evidence.

Details appear in the journal Science.

The co-lead researcher, Prof Israel Hershkovitz, told BBC News that the discovery would fundamentally alter ideas of recent human evolution.

“We have to rewrite the whole story of human evolution, not just for our own species but all the other species that lived outside of Africa at the time,” the researcher, from Tel Aviv University, explained.

Prof Chris Stringer of London’s Natural History Museum, who was not involved in the study, said: “The find breaks the long-established 130,000-year-old limit on modern humans outside of Africa.

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Former Facebook Workers Whistle-blow “Trending” Filter

If you know anything at all about social media, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that Facebook apparently doctors their “trending” section. But if there was any doubt left out there for the rest of you, here you go.

Anonymous individuals whistle-blow the details here: (

video added to God’s Autopsy playlist  American New/Politics



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Headlines: Bill Contradicts Hillary on Emails

Bill Clinton contradicts Hillary on email claims

Religion Is Disappearing. That’s Great for Politics. – by Michael Shermer

Is Yoga Religious? In India, It’s a Vexed Question – Wall Street Journal

Eddie Izzard will run for London mayor as fearless atheist

How Rand Paul Has Already Changed the 2016 Race -TIME

Prolific British Actor Christopher Lee Dies at Age 93 – ABC


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