‘2 Broke Girls’ Mocking Religion: Baptism Like Waterboarding – Coroner’s Report


Was looking up ‘baptism’ and came across this story (click to read)


Looks like Baptists are triggered. And it looks like I need to check out this episode of ‘2 Broke Girls’. Having been brought up a fundamentalist Baptist, and having been baptized myself, I can tell you, it was mildly traumatic. Looking forward to finding and watching this episode.

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CNN is Racist and Anti-Christian

Black Man Accuses CNN of Religious and Racial Bigotry. His Colleagues Wouldn’t Stop Saying Offensive Phrases Like ‘Jesus Christ’. Jesus Christ..


Omar Butcher

According to the dailymail.co.uk, Omar Butcher, an African-American producer with CNN was fired in 2015, and is now suing for racial and religious discrimination.

Butcher is suing because his colleagues would not quit using phrases like ‘Jesus Christ‘ and ‘God Damn.‘ He had asked them not to ‘take the Lord’s name in vain.’


I refuse to waste my time by reading the entire article, instead, I’ll just give my verdict based simply upon the headline and sub-headlines of Daily Mail! Butcher’s got cold meat for brains. He’s an SJW and perhaps a religious fascist.

Do you agree with this Coroner’s Report? Got something to add? Leave a comment below.

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