Omar Mateen, Liberal Madness and the Voldemort Effect

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So, in the wake of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, where Omar Mateen murdered 49 people, liberals everywhere, including President Obama have worked frantically to remove faith, culture and especially Islam from the entire hemisphere surrounding Mateen’s motive or intent. The rhetoric and propaganda discharged by regressive leftists and social justice warriors is fueled by one simple and backwards ideology, the ideology that assumes that the “masses” have and will inevitably become mentally contaminated by whatever infectious idea comes their way. Be it any narrative or message transmitted via speech, film, television, documentary, video game, song, tweet, words on the side of a Cracker Jack box or whatever! So long as the message is pro-something SJW‘s disagree with on some level. SJW’s and the majority of liberals today think that information is infectious in almost every sense. The good news is that not only are people not influenced this way (by just being exposed to ideas), but they will inevitably grow resistant to any kind of media outlet or network which appears to pander, cajole or otherwise compromise its integrity to try and influence the public. The idea that everyone, or even a tiny minority of the public trusts mass media wholeheartedly is a tired childish myth.

It is OK to be honest about one of the major causes of radicalization, and that’s faith. Obama saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism” when describing terrorist attacks will not transform thousands of peaceful people into Muslim-hating racist bigots upon exposure to those words. His facing the truth could, however, give conversations about these issues a slightly different shape, which could lead to stronger or more frequent debates about faith and religion in general.

Ideas are not weapons, ideas are not viruses, they’re just fucking ideas! If a Super-Bowl commercial asserted mixing ice cream with mayonnaise was delicious, millions of people would not forever change the way they eat ice cream. Similarly, millions of people will not change the way they look at Islam if Obama were to call ISIS members Muslims. The exposure fallacy is the unhealthy belief that if ideas are heard or seen, those ideas will have some predictable persuasive effect on the people hearing or seeing those ideas, especially if the ideas have descended from a large platform. Let’s stop believing this.

The Young Turks Turn Another Mass Shooting Into Gun Control Debate

The Voldemort Effect isn’t necessarily caused by an increased fear on the left of radical Islam, but rather white guilt and the fear of being labelled a racist, even though no one on the entire planet who matters thinks Islam is an actual race.



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Voldemort Effect Godless Glossary

New term added to the Godless Glossary: the Voldemort Effect

Being fearful of naming someone or something. The phrase takes cue from the line associated with “Lord Voldemort” in the Harry Potter series: ‘he who must not be named’. The phrase was coined by British activist Maajid Nawaz in context of Islamism; analysts being fearful or reluctant to call out the ideology of Islamism as the underlying cause of Jihadist terrorism.

Left-liberals often succumb to the Voldemort Effect when discussing Islamic terrorism.

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Man of God

photo above is of AJ Miller, a man who claims to be the actual Jesus. Photo from Vice


Let’s please fucking stop equating “men of God” to “good men”. How about “man of integrity” or “man of science”? ISIS, the Vatican, etc, are occupied by men of God. Give me the name of the world’s best well-known man/woman of God, and I’ll show you an asshole.

In the comments below, list your best known candidate for a man/woman of God. “Known” does not mean your dad or your mom.




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