What Can We Really Know? Important Questions

What can we know? Epistemological questions.

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I’ve recently heard debates with evangelists Matt Slick, Eric Hovind and Ray Comfort, and it seems these guys all have one major thing in common with each other. It’s the Hovindian/Comfortian young-Earth creationist opinion, that they themselves have absolute knowledge of their god’s existence and intentions. Faith is not just a belief to them, but rather a way of truly knowing. They seem to think that to have faith means to have knowledge that God is real, and with 100% certainty, rather than simply being convinced he exists.

I think it’s safe to say that, when I was a Christian, I’d never really reached this level of true faith. I had always tried to reason God into existence, and had never experienced what I would have thought of as a supernatural confrontation with any entity or god. I’d believed that I had valid evidence for my religion. Later, when I realized I didn’t have any evidence, I became an agnostic theist, and then finally an agnostic atheist/anti-theist.

Many Christians say that perhaps one day, God will reveal himself to those who are willing, but if I ever experience something like this, I will remain skeptical and assume it’s a hallucination. You see, I do not trust my own perception or interpretation of reality with complete and absolute certainty. I don’t regard my personal opinion or memory as infallible, and neither should you. Many theists think that if something simply ‘makes sense’ to them, it must be true. One must understand that the truth can sometimes be very counter-intuitive (as I will expand on in a later post).

I think I’m starting to understand the average fundamentalist a bit more. They don’t think that skepticism, when applied to every opinion you have, is reasonable or even necessary. In fact, the fundamentalist thinks that there are some things that you should simply ‘know’ in your gut. I would definitely call that kind of thinking pernicious. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year !

Charles Darwin, "I Think"
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The Interview

The Interview

“In the action-comedy The Interview, Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show ‘Skylark Tonight.’ When they discover that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the most unlikely candidates, to ‘take out’ Kim Jong-un.” youtube

My Review

The Interview was everything I’d hoped it would be. Firstly, I don’t ever watch the trailers of the films I plan to see, so I had no specific expectations prior to viewing this film. If you’re a big Rogen and Franco fan, as I am, then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Please tell me what you thought of The Interview in the comments. Thanks!

Cast (IMDB)

Cast overview, first billed only:
James Franco
Seth Rogen
Lizzy Caplan
Randall Park
Diana Bang
Timothy Simons
Reese Alexander
Agent Botwin


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Does God Play Favorites?

If you believe in God, you must agree that he plays favorites.

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It is impossible for anyone to believe in a non-deist God with the ability to bless certain individuals while not actively forsaking others. To be forsaken by God, is actually to be cursed by him.

An evening stroll, gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Summer’s eves gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Vacations gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Be patient, for weeping endureth for a night, but joy…ah, never mind.
Bonding gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Childhood memories gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
History gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Justice gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Have faith, if you don’t have enough of it, you won’t even get a mustard seed from Yahweh.
Don’t worry, all the money goes to God.

Faith healers don’t go into hospitals with their holy oil and their prayer cloths.

Sure, we all have free will.
As soon as you can afford some boots, you know what to do with them…
The lord is telling me that you’ve got pain in your back, and you’ve been praying about it.
Terror gleefully brought to you by a cheeky Yahweh.
Faith healers don’t work in hospitals because miracles only work in random (untestable) ways.

One can not argue that God is capable of doing all things, yet cannot look at sin and cannot rescue someone from harm.

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Dream Job

My directorial debut: “Dream Job”

running time: 15:30
directors: Erich St. Jon, Charles Whitman
executive producer: G. Darnell Watt II

A short drama film directed by Charles Whitman and Erich Saint Jôn, starring Robbie Senti, Charles Whitman and Olivia Bird.

Olivia Bird is a stunt performer and actress. Bird has doubled for Monica Raymund, star of Chicago Fire, and for Taraji P. Henson in Empire (tv 2015). Dream Job is my directorial debut. I’ve also done the editing, cinematography and special effects.

Note that this film has nothing to do with religion or politics, but please watch, rate or comment. Thanks!

IMDB.com | full cast and crew

Directed by
Charles Whitman
Erich St. Jon
Charles Whitman
Olivia Bird
Ericka Sanchez
Erich St. Jon
Chuck (voice) (as Erich Saint Jôn)
Charles Whitman
Dayjaney Dugar
Law Office Secretary
Valerie Betancourt
Mike Frank
Diana Palma
GiGi Marie Gaines
Attorney Bridget Banks
Matt Altier
Guy at Party
Jeremy Lacour
Jon C. Smith
Thug #1
Robbie Senti
Denise Ocampo
Kendra Kae
Matthew Winfield
Thug #2 in car
Produced by
Jeremiah Banks associate producer
Jeremy Lacour associate producer
Matthew Leslie consulting producer
Denise Ocampo associate producer
Meredith Ogilvie associate producer
Erich St. Jon producer
G. Darnell Watt II executive producer
Charles Whitman producer
Matthew Winfield producer
Cinematography by
Erich St. Jon (as Erich Saint Jôn)
Film Editing by
Erich St. Jon
Matthew Winfield
Makeup Department
Alex Ford makeup artist
Denise Ocampo makeup artist
Sound Department
Matthew Winfield sound
Special Effects by
Matthew Winfield special effects
Costume and Wardrobe Department
Malikha Coleman wardrobe consultant
Music Department
Jacour The Kid composer: theme music
Ashley Nicole composer: additional music
Linda Cannon special thanks
Aiman A. Humaideh special thanks
Sharon King special thanks
Philip S. Plowden special thanks
Andy Spellman special thanks

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Is God Dead?

If you’re a religious person, you’re probably thinking “But God’s not dead!”

Is he really? Yes…yes God is dead. By mere definition, the god of the Holy Bible has been disproved. If you are a young-Earth creationist, then your god is logically impossible, unless that god literally went out of his way to make the universe look as though it were in direct contradiction with the holy scriptures. If you’re an average Christian, your god has deemed rape and the murder of children OK, so long as he commands it (see; biblical books like DeuteronomyCorinthiansLeviticus etc). God orders the murder of men, women, children and babies in the Bible. And God will curse innocent children for the sins of their fathers for many generations, while blessing others for a thousand generations.

God is Dead

disappointeeeeeeed !!

God is dead, because modern people do not actually follow his moral standards. They cherry pick the parts of the Bible they like, while ignoring the disgusting and deranged rules and commands they don’t like. God is dead, because science and God are not compatible. If you’re a “new atheist“, the first thing you might have done after your deconversion was puzzle deeply over what was probably most of your life.

We live in a wonderful time, a time where we, the people of the first world, can enjoy the luxury of understanding naturalism, atheism and reality. We enjoy free thought, freedom of expression and freedom from dictation. A time where we can better understand and observe our place in the cosmos. This is a great privilege, and we should never take it for granted.  Just decades ago, it would have been unlikely for the average person to have been exposed to the kind of information that would lead them to an atheistic perspective.

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Just an update for the release of the film “Jack”, #JackisNear

Jack will not be released on December 12,

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Are Christians Delusional?

Let me elaborate on my usage of ‘mild insanity’ from the previous article [see]. 6 new reasons you might be one of those wacky Christians:

eric-ga – by @GodsAutopsyCom 

  1. If you literally don’t care what is factually true; if you truly believe that just having a positive and thankful attitude will magically sway the cosmos in your favor, you just might be delusional. Pastors like Joel Osteen teach his followers to ‘expect God’s favor’, and get blessed with financial stability and happiness. This method is not the panacea he’d like it to be. It doesn’t seem to be working for third worlders, so let’s, for a second, pretend that it’s not working at all and seek other solutions.
  2. If you think that, for any reason, there are people that deserve to endure endless torture, you just might be delusional. (Could you enjoy watching someone burn at the stake for committing crimes of thought? Can you justify infinite punishment for finite crimes?)
  3. If you know that eye-witness testimony is terrible, that people can hallucinate and that the Bible is full of errors, yet you still believe in it 100%, you just might be delusional. The Bible has terrible medical advice, zombies, dragons, slavery and countless unproved miracles claimed by men who’ve described the Earth as flat (with ‘four corners’), and the sky a firmament (dome wall).
  4. If you’re 100% certain your God exists, yet somehow you think you were lucky enough to have been raised in the correct faith, at the correct time and in the correct denomination, you just might be delusional. (I used to be delusional)
  5. If you think that God loves certain places, certain people, certain foods and has favorite days of the week and year, yet he forsakes certain places and people, and lets billions of sick children suffer and die, you should reconsider God’s benevolence. Do you really think God’s perfect plan is to watch tiny children suffer and die to justify his punishment for Adam & Eve’s ill advised snack? (God not only let the snake into the garden, he made the damn thing!)
  6. If you’ve read the entire bible and have never wondered if God just might be sick and unfair, you just might be delusional. If you’ve read the whole bible and still claim that our morality could possibly have come from the scriptures, you aren’t moral. Think.

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