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LeVar Burton talks Faith and Purpose I studied for the priesthood ~ every single human being comes into a body with a defined purpose

YouTube: “Web Exclusive: LeVar Burton‘s Faith – Oprah and the Legendary Cast of RootsOprah Winfrey Network

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LeVar Burton is known for “Roots (1977)“, “Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)“, “Reading Rainbow (1983)” and “Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1990)“. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he explains how he’d studied for the priesthood when he was in his teens. He is no longer a hardcore Catholic, but talks about what spirituality means to him personally.

partial transcript:

LeVar: “Finding a sense of spiritual center has been the defining focus of my life.”

Oprah: “So are you still a practicing Catholic?”

LeVar: “No..no. Sorry mom! I’m so sorry mom, I’m so sorry.”

Oprah: “And this is the thing, when I ask about spirituality, I’m never talking about religion. I’m talking about my definition of spirituality is being able to live in the center of an open heart.”

LeVar: “What a great definition, what a great definition.”

Oprah: “I just made that up for myself.”

LeVar: “Hey, and it works!”

Oprah: “And I needed to because, every time I would ask people over the years, you know, in interviews of various forms, people would always start talking about their religious practices and it really to me, is about- that’s a separate issue.”

LeVar: “That is a separate issue.”

Oprah“So what do you do to still yourself, to stabilize yourself,…”

LeVar“mmm hmmm, mmm hmm”

Oprah“…to center yourself to keep yourself from being ‘out there’? We talked earlier about loosing yourself to the external.”

LeVar: “Absolutely, and that was the beginning of this journey of mine. And through my twenties and thirties and to a great degree, my forties, I’ve exposed myself to as many things as I possibly could, and incorporated into my practice that which made sense to me.” – “Life has become sort of a walking prayer. I feel…because I love to pray, and i feel like i get to pray with every breath i take, because…it’s about the intention that I bring to the moments, right?”

Oprah“mm hm”

LeVar: “It’s about how I wanna sh…”

Oprah“You’re speaking my language,”

LeVar: “Really?”

Oprah“Yes, oh no, I live by intention. That is my guiding principle.”

LeVar: “So, I believe that every single human being comes into a body with a defined purpose, and that it’s our responsibility to discover, discern what that purpose is, and then live it!”

Almost sweet or moving; the purpose-driven human experience that LeVar Burton is describing, if it were true. We can certainly make our own purpose, and make it on our own terms.

If you think you know God’s character, you should ask yourself some of these vital questions:

How could one know that there is a god or gods, and specifically the Christian or Catholic god, and how could one know he even cares? Furthermore, how could you possibly know that God has a plan, a pathway written specifically for you and your life? You couldn’t, unless that god has spoken to you in some unambiguous way. If God actually had a plan for each of us, and intended for us to pursue it by living life and taking the right chances at the right times, how specifically, would that god ever assist you? What ‘responsibility’ is it of all the innocent children, born deformed, sick and impoverished, to take the right chances at the right times, and follow the correct god? Maybe LeVar should start a new church: the Walking Prayer You-Figure-It-Out-On-Your-Own Burtonian Church of Christ.

I guess the bulk of humanity, the starving, dying, sick and indoctrinated children and adults of the world have failed to take responsibility in finding this god. They have simply failed to accept, to believe and to walk with God, and have failed to properly interpret his subtle cues.

I’m a fan of LeVar Burton, but let’s face it, the world is the way it is, god(s) or not, and Burton has tailored his idea of God to fit his view of reality. If there is a universe-creating god, he is sadistic in the most extreme way possible. He would be a childish dictator, one who loves and guides his favored people, but has hated countless starving and dying children for thousands of years or more. (see article: Who God Hates)

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How Scientists Date Rocks

How do Scientists Use Radiometric Dating to Determine the Age of Rocks?

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The Genius of Charles Darwin – Richard Dawkins

The Genius of Charles Darwin – by Richard Dawkins

complete documentary

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) was born into a well-connected and wealthy family in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. He studied at Edinburgh University initially planning a medical career, and later switched to divinity at Cambridge. In 1831, he joined a scientific expedition on the survey ship HMS Beagle for five years. On the voyage, Darwin was inspired by reading ‘Principles of Geology’ by Charles Lyell. Lyell’s book suggested that the fossils found in rocks were evidence of animals having lived many thousands or millions of years ago. This idea strengthened when Darwin discovered the differences in finches on each of the Galapagos Islands.

Eventually in 1859, Darwin published ‘On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’. Although it was very controversial at the time of its publication, Darwin’s theory of evolution became one of the most important discoveries in the history of science and mankind. [1]

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