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Why Is God ‘Dead’?

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

If you’re a theist, you’re probably thinking “but God’s not dead!” Yes…yes, God is dead. The existence of the Judeo-Christian god, for instance, can be disproved by its very definition as described in the Holy Bible (see: The Problem of Evil). Depending upon how literally you want to interpret the scriptures which define him, this god is logically impossible. By the way, the unfaithful don’t have to capitalize an unspecified god or the pronouns ‘him’ or ‘he’.

God wants you to be an atheist

If you are a young-Earth creationist, then your god is scientifically impossible, unless he deliberately wanted to make the universe look as though it were in direct contradiction to his holy book(s). If you’re an average Christian, your god has deemed rape and the murder of children OK so long as he commands it (see; biblical books like Deuteronomy, Corinthians, Leviticus etc). God orders the murder of men, women, children and babies in the bible. God allows slavery and rape, he will curse children for the sins of their fathers through multiple generations and bless his favored for a thousand generations.

God is dead because most of us ignore his books anyway

God is dead because modern people do not follow his moral standards despite holding scriptures up as moral guidelines. Christians usually cherry pick the parts of the bible that seem moral, ignoring abhorrent rules and teachings they say are allegorical.

God is dead because science and God have never cooperated

I feel it’s always important to note that claims of the supernatural such as NDE’s, OBE’s, ghosts, goblins, demons, angels, etc are all unsupported and unproven claims of godly magic. As soon as you stop believing in magic, the sooner you can stop believing in the big magician in the sky.

To readers who have recently become atheists, I say welcome to reason!

– @GodsAutopsyCom


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